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Would you like to be Head hunted?

How does one get noticed - for potential job seekers, the best medium for getting head-hunted is through the internet (job portals) but other forms are also worth checking out.

Job portals will always remain as active hunting grounds for Head Hunters but Search professionals do restrict them using portals extensively as the pool of candidates they may look to target may not be comfortable on account of confidentiality to put their resumes on the portals.

LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool for personal branding and job search. In fact for job seekers it's one of the best online tools to land a job right now.

READ MORE :Most candidates though active jobseekers may not like to to be available easily hence networking sites like RYZe Zoom, Linkedin etc are active tools as they attract Headhunters who are constantly scouting for talent.

Linkedin is today by far the most effective sales and networking tool. Social networking is the buzzword today as this is a great tool to advertise your skills to a much larger audience and also provides opportunities for networking yourself into the Company of your choice.By joining social networking sites like a Linkedin or Zoominfo can act as a secret self for those who do not want to be considered as active job seekers.The connections and access through sites like Linkedin help Headhunters with adequate knowledge to identify and approach candidates that are best suited to a particular position whether or not they are in the job market.

The person should update his/her profile regularly on these sites. Being part of different groups (like CFO group for CFOs and CXO groups for CXOs)also helps Senior professionals ,whether or not active job-seekers, should never decline to meet credible HeadHunters.A personal meeting does leave an immediate recall in case of an appropriate assignment even at a later date. There are a couple of things one can do to ensure a good hit-rate.

  • Never prematurely close the door on a possible opportunity
  • Explore other possibilities with the Headhunter
  • Never dismiss any offer to meet likely employers as you can add to your experience, learning and confidence
  • The manner in which you present yourself to the HeadHunter will leave an impression on the latter.Shoo-off's and rude behavior can put off a Headhunter easily.

LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool for personal branding. Remember that HeadHunters are responsible for enhancing many professionals’ careers, plus their knowledge and opinions are valued by clients and HR professionals. It therefore pays to actively network with this professional community even if you are not actively looking for a change. They can give you useful tips on how you were observed by their clients which the latter may not do too easily as well as salary and compensation trends.

Professionals must remember that their careers are being tracked by Headhunters who are constantly looking for good talent.

Connect with Head hunters on Linkedin (and similar other sites). When a prospect updates his / her profile on Linked in, it gets highlighted to all the connections. Put your photograph on your profile. If possible meet the Headhunters once in a while, maybe just to chat over a cup of tea! A face to face meeting gives much higher recall than a phone / email communication and helps build a link. Facebook groups are useful connections for references too.

Keeping oneself relevant and in the public domain requires that executives should keep their resumes crisp to outline their key areas of responsibility both quantitatively and qualitatively. Using the right action words /key word does make a difference eg: A CFO with Fund Raising expertise or IPO expertise should highlight that in the first line. Most of the searches on Linked- in are designation, geography, industry and company based so please ensure that your profile has all the four criteria updated

Reasons why you should update your CV regularly…

For most people the resume is your first step. It is always key to update your resume once every 6 months at least. The work environment we work in changes almost every day.New skills acquired, additional certifications, change in designation / level, new projects handled must be updated in the resume.

It always makes sense to send the updated work profile to the recruiter in 48 hours of the first discussion thus its always best to keep it ready rather than sending an old profile which would reduce your chances.

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