cheap mbt shoes Apparel foreign trade in the domes

analysis of the industry said, the world economic growth is lack of power, the sovereign debt crisis, the pressure of RMB appreciation and labor, raw materials and other elements of cost increases caused great impact on Chinese exports. At present, most of the Xiamen export enterprises are small and micro businesses, financing channel is not smooth, the difficulties in the capital turnover, for large, long single not easily next.

"export enterprises will choose the insurance and freight borne by the seller, export enterprise order cycle of up to several months, that is to say, January March shipment is a single, relatively fast, this intermediate if freight price, export enterprises to bear." People in the industry.

let foreign trade business cheap mbt shoes owners "can't sleep at night" also includes high shipping prices. It is understood, since this year the price of shipping has risen several times, Europe, the Middle East and South America route rises, where is the focus of Xiamen's foreign trade enterprises export. This month the European routes, standard cabinet than last month rose nearly $500.

it is understood, at present foreign trade shoe enterprises profits are squeezed to about 1% of exports. "In the past to do foreign trade contract a set of clothing mbt shoes uk can earn two hundred or three hundred yuan, but from the beginning of last year, the foreign trade situation is getting worse, low profits thin." Xiamen a foreign trade company responsible person said, the past OEM profits can achieve the processing fees 20% ~ 30%, and has now shrunk to less than 10%.

"foreign trade has become more and more difficult, less than half the previous orders, shipping prices rose nearly doubled over the same period last year." In July 2nd, a Xiamen foreign trade enterprises responsible person told the reporter, since the end of last year, enterprises are facing be beset with troubles internally and externally, to save the market, from the original "has not received a single now crustily skin mbt shoes online of head to pick."

although the domestic market also is complex and changeable, but in order to reduce dependence on foreign demand market, many foreign trade enterprises have to move the domestic market. It is understood, at present, the Xiamen some foreign trade enterprises have already started to export to the domestic.

workers, has not received a single. Now the order is less and less, this time in previous years of the orders to the end of the year, but now only the next month, and received orders to be repeatedly prices." Xiamen City, a company engaged in sports shoes manufacturing enterprises responsible person said, enterprises are faced with the dilemma, then, means "Bai Gan" even at a loss; not connected, and old customers may be lost.

according to customs statistics, from 1 to May, Fujian's EU trade volume totaled US $8370000000, down 1.4% yoy. "Although the accumulated import and export growth rate is still higher than the national average, but because of a dramatic drop in exports in April, the year-on-year growth rate to zero, annulus comparing drops, resulting in 1 to April accumulative total export growth and the annual export growth target gap increased, leading to narrow the national average amplitude." Department of foreign trade and economic cooperation of Fujian province director Lin Changcong said, export growth from the "run" to "walk", is not optimistic about the data reflected the difficult situation of foreign trade enterprises.

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Auctus Plus is the executive search arm of Auctus Consulting. We have assisted numerous organizations for Board level, Leadership and senior management searches. Our competency goes beyond the traditional search and evaluation process. Offering a single-window platform, Client engagements are cultivated around a rigorous model of Executive Search excellence and through providing them a wider access to talent pools across industries. The tools that we use provide a unique perspective regarding culture, performance, leadership, and team “fit”. And our integration methodology ensures that new leaders are integrated quickly and successfully without breaking stride.

Our consultants are aligned around industry verticals, and as our in-house specialists, they ensure that for every client, it is the experience of working with us that sets us apart and gives them an insight of our thorough approach to every assignment.

Auctus draws on its several years of consulting experience to create strategies to best service a clients middle management recruitment needs. We specialize in middle management hiring as we have a deep understanding of the Indian talent market and a wide experience base that enables us to provide each one of our clients with a specifically tailored solution to suit their needs in the shortest possible time frame.

Our Services include:

Turnkey Projects END-TO-END solutions that include - Identifying needs, tapping the right talent pool, Interviews, Offer Negotiation, On-boarding assistance.

Project based RecruitmentProject Hiring is a recruiting engagement for large-scale hiring programs, defined by specific start and end dates. Our experienced recruiters can get your workforce ramped up quickly, and put in place the metrics and efficiencies necessary that make the screening, recruiting and hiring process run like a well-oiled machine. We will ensure a seamless and a stress-free constructed process that will dovetail with your broader talent acquisition strategy.

Lateral HiringThe key to growth of an organization is its strength in people management hence it is imperative to have effective recruitment practices.
Our competent lateral recruitment team synchronizes with the organization's ideologies and provides end to end assistance in various stages of the recruitment process that includes job analysis and developing a person specification; the sourcing of prospective employees by networking, advertising, or other search methods; matching candidates to job requirements and screening individuals using testing (skills or personality assessment).
The recruitment process also includes Scheduling of interviews and finalizing of job offers of new employees.

Young Professional RecruitmentIdentifying and hiring young graduates and professionals for organizations.

With the right RPO solution, companies can leverage the talent acquisition capability needed to manage changing needs, compete effectively for critical talent and achieve business impact. AUCTUS Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) provides the most practical, business –focused and tailored RPO solutions available today.

RPO delivers a number of key benefits:

  • Better and more cost effective processes
  • Reductions in cost and time to hire and more control over both
  • Access to scalable, flexible talent resources
  • Enhanced employer brand and corporate reputation
  • More responsive workforce planning

Based on your specific needs, Auctus can work with you to develop a strategy that applies all or part of our RPO resources and processes. RPO solutions include:

Enterprise RPO:
This is a complete solution for talent acquisition across the enterprise. Achieve measurable business impact. Foster continuous feedback. Evolve and improve operations to support your changing talent needs. Auctus provides the most effective RPO solution for today’s dynamic enterprise organization.

Selective RPO:
This solution encompasses outsourced talent acquisition support for department, location, or select recruitment processes. In many enterprise organizations, selective RPO provides an optimum balance between in-house resources and dedicated RPO resources. Transparency, communication and change management, as well as process excellence are critical to selective RPO, and Auctus provides the experience and approach to ensure success and ongoing value.

In addition to our standard services, Auctus can provide additional value-added services to its clients at a very reasonable cost including:

Targeted Advertising

Auctus also provides target driven advertising campaigns in local, national, and specialist publications. Our experience has given us the knowledge to identify the appropriate publications to target the right candidates. Auctus Recruitment Solutions utilizes a range of advertising media.

We can provide you with a tailored campaign, including design and preferential advertising space rates or advertise on your behalf.

Market Research & Mapping

Good quality research and talent mapping helps clients to gain important market intelligence. This could lead to the identification of candidates, benchmarking of talent in competitors or the testing and verification of an employer`s proposition to market.

Background Verification

This type of due diligence is becoming increasingly important to our clients. This can be done at any stage of the search process to ensure the validity of any candidate profile.

Salary Benchmarking

Auctus has a vast number of high quality technical & non technical candidates registered with us. We can use this data to provide our clients with relevant information on their competitors salary ranges and benefits packages to ensure your company is competing on an even playing field.

Assessment of internal applicants

Assessment of internal applicants - we can assess your own employees who wish to apply for a role we are filling for you; typically, a reduced fee is charged if the internal candidate is successful


We help organizations to find the right jobs for their employees in situations of recessions, retrenchment etc.

Contact us now to discuss a bespoke recruitment solution

Please feel free to contact our consultant to discuss your company’s specific requirements and allow us to put together a tailored service for you.

Please contact us to discuss these services further.

Management Development Programme - Human Resources
Certified Human Resource professional

Title : Management Development program – Human Resources

Duration : 6 / 12 Weeks

Description : At Last – A Program That Provides Practical Solutions to Your Everyday HR Challenges!

As an HR Professional, you are expected to be an expert in every human resource function, including everything from hiring to compensation to payroll to performance management to the numerous employment laws such as the Labor laws, WCA ,Factories Act PF, EDLI, Gratuity, Superannuation and others.

Not only do you need to have a strong knowledge base in all areas, but even more importantly, you need to be able to apply your knowledge to the daily situations that arise at your workplace.

Key Benefits Of Attending The Program

This course has been designed to provide you with practical solutions to the HR challenges you confront every day.

You'll get the vital knowledge you need to succeed - plus the critical strategies to perfect your HR skills. By attending this training program, you will:

  • Discover best practices and indispensable strategies for every HR function
  • Acquire the practical knowledge and tools you need to navigate employment law landmines
  • Get to practice what you learn through "real-life" case studies!
  • Discover best practices and methods of recruitment and selection
  • Acquire the practical knowledge and tools needed for effective recruitment
  • Network with HR professionals from across the country
  • Become a “Certified Human Resource Professional” which enhances your professional growth

This award-winning course teaches you how to comply with these laws, and include numerous administrative tips and procedural recommendations for keeping your organization in compliance.

Learning Objectives / Key Agenda Items

This intensive training program includes 24 information-packed sessions - plus Interactive Exercises - covering everything you need to excel as an HR Professional. Here are some of the things you'll learn/benefit from:

  • Understanding HR's role within the organization to add maximum value
  • How to create a strategically-aligned HR department to drive organizational results
  • Strategies for identifying and overcoming the current challenges in the HR profession
  • Learning what to do to improve HR's brand image within the organization
  • Employer obligations regarding when to conduct workplace investigations
  • Common laws that create additional "boundaries" in the contemporary workplace
  • Understanding today's "must-have" company policies to minimize risk of litigation
  • Learning how to handle personal time off (PTO), vacation, sick pay, and workers' compensation
  • Handling "sticky issues" such as declining employee performance, absenteeism, and unreasonable requests
  • Recruiting: what's working – and what's not
  • Head Hunting, Industry mapping, Recruitment through social media ( Linked in , Face book , Twitter etc )
  • Contemporary strategies for employee on-boarding – knowing how and when to leverage technology in the process
  • Interviewing skills & effective fact finding strategies
  • Assessment of the candidates & Salary negotiations
  • Joining & Post Joining interaction & its importance
  • Learning how to conduct a thorough needs analysis to determine if training is the answer
  • Understanding contemporary strategies in designing compensation systems
  • Learning why variable compensation is growing in popularity
  • Understanding how to create an effective benefits survey to obtain valuable data
  • Understanding what is working - and not working - in performance management
  • Beyond reviews: understanding the action steps to effectively manage employee performance
  • Learning how to identify the issues HR owns vs. what the leadership team owns
  • Identifying strategies to coach, mentor, and develop supervisors and managers to facilitate more positive employee relations
  • Your HR Career: where do you go from here?

1 Year Diploma in Human Resource Management

Diploma in Human Resource Management has come to fruition because the HR function has grown to become key component of organizational strategy. Today, the industry demands HR professionals who are capable of seeing the bigger picture and helping organizations gain a competitive edge with a global workforce.

This programme covers various aspects of HRM. It is highly focused and especially designed for persons who have to achieve results through people. It will prove excellent value addition to people already working in HR as well as those seeking a career in HR.

Key benefits of this program

The students of this program will benefit from in-depth exposure to the HR function, from strategy to execution and operations. With a strong foundation in HRM practice, students of this program are poised to take up accelerated roles in HRM at India’s top companies and HR Consulting firms:

  • This program is developed to give a 360degree learning experience to the students thru classroom sessions, trainings, projects work and internship.
  • Develop key management skills
  • Enhance and sharpen personnel management skills

Develop conceptual understanding of the personnel function and its relation to broaden organisational and managerial goals and operations

Learning objective

The objective of this course is to bring the best of theory and practice to the participants of the program so that they acquire a wholesome mix of a business orientation with an understanding of HR best practices grounded in social realities

Duration : 1yr

Admission Criteria: Written test and Personal Interview

Location: Noida (Delhi / NCR)

Certificate course in Advertising and Brand Management

Certificate Course in Advertising and Brand Management is an exclusive career program designed with an objective to build a pool of advertising and branding professionals who can sustain the growing momentum of the Indian economy. Today, the industry demands marketing professionals who are capable of seeing the bigger picture and helping organizations gain a competitive edge.

This programme covers various aspects of advertising and branding. It is highly focused and especially designed for persons who have a flair for marketing. It will prove excellent value addition to people working in Sales and Marketing as well as those seeking a career in Advertisement and Brand Management.

Key benefits of this program

The students of this program will benefit from in-depth exposure to the Marketing function, from advertising strategy to brand management and execution. This course is designed to provide participants with the skills and confidence to understand and manage various Advertising, Branding , Media Tools and tactics. With a strong foundation in Advertising and Brand Management, students of this program are poised to take up accelerated roles in India’s top companies.

  • This program is developed to give a 360degree learning experience to the students through classroom training, and case studies.
  • Develop key marketing skills.
  • To understand the concepts of advertising and brand management.

Develop conceptual understanding of the personnel function and its relation to broaden organisational and managerial goals and operations.

Learning objective

The objective of this course is to bring the best of theory and practice to the participants of the program so that they acquire a wholesome mix of a business orientation with an understanding of Marketing, Advertisement and Brand Management.

Who should attend:

  • All graduates and B-school students who wish to choose Advertising or Brand Management as their career.
  • All sales and marketing professionals who wish to start a career in Advertising or Brand Management.

Duration : 8weeks ( weekends / weekdays)

Admission Criteria : Personal Interview

Location : Noida (Delhi / NCR)

Management Development Programme - Human Resources
1 Year Diploma in Human Resource Management
Advertising & Brand Management