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cheap mbt shoes in fact, further strengthen this just Fengzhu textile and Nike Company in cooperation. Earlier, Nike is Fengzhu textile fabric users, both sides have cooperation in production and supply. The win on the right to run the Nike clothing and related marketing network, is also a reflection of Fengzhu textile to learn from international brands in the brand building and on the road of internationalization.

early in 2009, took the lead in starting the Anta brand internationalization. In those days, Anta and Belle signed a purchase agreement, Anta wholly owned Affiliated Companies 85% stake held by the original dynamic acquisition of Belle International Holdings Ltd Full Prospect, Fila Marketing and its full ownership, so as to obtain the belle's FILA's ownership, operation right and related marketing network. FILA strong sports apparel brand, the world famous Anta move, but also to go on the country.

just last month, the United States of America peak in Losangeles flagship store grand opening, an area of 260 square meters, has further consolidated its position in the American market, and the mbt shoes online previous peak in the United States has set up R & D center and branch, and opened a basketball concept store, in many overseas area also opened 200 stores.

the 5 international top brands proxy is a related company Fengzhu, Nike new sub brand (NIKE ACTION) and converse (CONVERSE) big China area 0 - 14 years old children's wear sales agent of the right and so on, are the pocket.

Quanzhou enterprises on the internationalization of the road has been non-stop, in this process, transnational purchase equity and agents of international brand, has played the role of fire. Reporter recently learned from the industry, has the power of textile enterprises breath scored 5 international top brands, for the future to enter the international market operation experience.

and Chen Feng said, at present, Fengzhu textile already has a relatively complete industrial chain, but the experience in construction is still shallow, through the operation of the international brand, can integrate the advantage resources, for the future of enterprises set up their own clothing stores and lay the foundation to enter the international market. "We are confident, do more than ten billion performance after a few years." He said.

"not by listing Corporation identity with the international brand agency, is a Associate Company." Fengzhu textile Polytron Technologies Inc general manager Chen Feng told the reporters, the international brand agency including the national agency Nike and converse two and adolescent installed, the other can not disclose. He said, the project is handed out by a dedicated team to the operation, production base located in the national authorized factory.

fact, Quanzhou enterprises to enter the international market this year is to speed up the pace, but the choice of the road are different. mbt shoes hk

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At Auctus Consulting, we believe that it’s our business to understand yours.

Our enduring values:

We are extremely / massively passionate about our client businesses and always strive to make a significant impact.

We drive a zero tolerance culture towards lack of integrity.

We own up to our words, actions and outcome. When we commit to do something, we own it and we do it- decisively and responsibly.

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We always demonstrate a 'can-do' mind-set and engage to deliver organizational goals. We look upon challenging circumstances as opportunities to enhance our capabilities and find ways of achieving.

Team work
We work harmoniously with a shared vision, energized by our collective talent. We Trust, Listen to, Share with and Empower team members and take collective responsibility for the results.

Drive for excellence
Deliver the best consistently, exceed expectations; and improve processes and systems to set new benchmarks

At Auctus , every employee lives the Auctus values through everything that they do or say. These values will continue to be at the core of everything we do to help our clients build the best teams in the world.We stand behind every engagement that we undertake, managing client & firm resources by working in a cost effective manner.

We act as an extension of our client’s office and serve as credible brand ambassadors of the client organization. We understand what matters to them the most and deliver accordingly

Our methodology is all about a comprehensive search process entailing a diagnostic and consultative approach, in partnership with the client. This comprises a customized search strategy, 360 degree reference check, compensation benchmark report and more.

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With the right RPO solution, companies can leverage the talent acquisition capability needed to manage changing needs, compete effectively for critical talent and achieve business impact. AUCTUS Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) provides the most practical , business –focused and tailored RPO solutions available today.

RPO delivers a number of key benefits:

  • Better and more cost effective processes
  • Reductions in cost and time to hire and more control over both
  • Access to scalable, flexible talent resources
  • Enhanced employer brand and corporate reputation
  • More responsive workforce planning

Based on your specific needs, Auctus can work with you to develop a strategy that applies all or part of our RPO resources and processes. RPO solutions include:

Enterprise RPO:
This is a complete solution for talent acquisition across the enterprise. Achieve measurable business impact. Foster continuous feedback. Evolve and improve operations to support your changing talent needs. Auctus provides the most effective RPO solution for today’s dynamic enterprise organization.

Selective RPO:
This solution encompasses outsourced talent acquisition support for department, location, or select recruitment processes. In many enterprise organizations, selective RPO provides an optimum balance between in-house resources and dedicated RPO resources. Transparency, communication and change management, as well as process excellence are critical to selective RPO, and Auctus provides the experience and approach to ensure success and ongoing value.

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